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ABC Catering Permit with Alcoholic Beverages Form 12/31/2011 CLR Active
ABC Social Affair Permit for Non-Profits Form 12/31/2011 CLR Active
Application for Reinspection Form 11/25/2015 CDE Active
Application Instruction Zoning Board Form 2/18/2016 PDD Active
Claim for Real Property Tax Deduction Form 4/30/2014 ASR Active
Health Department Food Truck/Food Trailer App Form 8/16/2017 ENV Active
Health Department Temporary Event App Form 8/16/2017 ENV Active
Notice of Tort Claim Form Form 9/16/2014 CLR Active
OPRA - Open Public Records Act Form Form 11/16/2012 CLR Active
Police Detail Request Form Form 5/29/2013 POL Active
Real Property Tax Deduction - Supplemental Income Form 5/2/2014 ASR Active
Real Property Tax Deduction for Veterans Form 5/2/2014 ASR Active
Residential Parking Permits Form 5/4/2016 LID Active
Social Agency Request Form REG-2 Form 2/17/2017 VIT Active
Special Events Application Form 4/28/2014 REC Active