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2:22 AM
Office of the Licensing & Inspection Director
1301 Bacharach Blvd, Room 306
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
The Department of Licensing & Inspections provides a broad range of duties in the public's interest that contribute to the health, safety and welfare of the residents, the business community, workers, our visitors and the public at large.
Director Dale Finch
Phone: (609) 347-5290

Dale Finch was appointed Director of the Department of Licensing and Inspections on February 25, 2014. He has more than 40 years in government services including expertise in code enforcement, property maintenance Public Works. Dale was an auditor for the New Jersey Department of Treasury‚Äôs Local Go... Read More

Active Division Documents
Application for an Occupancy Permit
Application 10/25/2016
Residential Parking Permits
Form 5/4/2016
Senior Citizens Transportation Relocation
Document 4/27/2016

More Details
Currently, the Director acts as the Demolition Coordinator (DC). The position fills an important role with respect to identifying dangerous buildings, and expediting safe methods of correction of hazards to the community. The DC works in concert with virtually all other city departments, including the police department, fire department, building department, city engineer, and with building owners and contractors.

The DC also works closely with the utility companies to ensure that potential hazards from utilities such as gas and electric are mitigated before and during demolition projects.

The Mayor and administration have brought about tremendous revitalization in many areas of the community with the assistance of the DC. Previously blighted areas have become thriving neighborhoods that provide a wonderful quality of life for the residents.

The efforts of the DC address real problems related to blighted and abandoned buildings that are a danger and a detriment to the neighborhood. Abandoned buildings, aside from their inherent structural dangers, are often a haven for distasteful and illegal activities such as drug abuse. Such buildings also often serve as refuge for thugs and criminals, and provide hiding places that impede police enforcement activities.
Abandoned buildings are attractive nuisances to the children of the neighborhoods, often drawing innocent, unsuspecting children into dangerous circumstances.

Demolition of dangerous and blighted buildings is instrumental to the improvement of quality of life and neighborhoods in Atlantic City.