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Organization, Functions and General Responsibilities
The City of Atlantic City has a Mayor-Council form of government. Departments are major organizational units of City government established by the City Ordinance Code and with functions and responsibilities as defined in the Code. City Department Heads are appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of City Council and serve through the term of the Mayor and until a successor has been appointed and qualified. The Departments of the City, their major areas of responsibility, and links to specifics of that Department follow:
Under the direction and supervision of the Mayor, the Administration Department is responsible for: 1) Supervising each of the other departments 2) Assisting the Mayor in preparing the annual operating and capital budgets 3) Reporting periodically to...

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Health & Human Services
The Health and Human Services Department shall perform all appropriate functions associated with: 1) Health Services, 2) Human Relations Commission, 3) Library Services, 4) Senior Citizens, 5) Public Assistance, 6) Relocation, 7) Youth Services/Recre...

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Human Resources
The Human Resources Department shall perform all appropriate functions associated with: 1) Maintaining personnel records in compliance with all policies and laws, 2) Managing benefits and health insurance for City employees, 3) Evaluating and respond...

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Licensing & Inspection
The Licensing and Inspections Department shall perform all appropriate functions associated with: 1) Construction/building licenses, permits and inspections and related services, 2) Inspection and enforcement of all fire code regulations, 3) Inspecti...

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Planning & Development
Please visit the new Planning and Development website at
You can find a link to this website in the "Quick Picks" block to the right.

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Public Safety
Within the Department of Public Safety there shall be a Division of Fire and Division of Police. The Public Safety Director shall be the executive officer of the Division of Police and the executive officer of the Division of Fire.

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Public Works
The Public Works Department shall perform all appropriate functions associated with: 1) Preparation of plans and specifications for public improvements and supervision of contracts, 2) Provision of engineering services to City agencies, 3) Operation ...

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Revenue & Finance
The Revenue and Finance Department performs all appropriate functions associated with: 1) Tax billing and collection, 2) Billing and collection of general revenues, 3) Custody, investment and disbursement of City funds, 4) General and budgetary accou...

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City Clerk
The functions of the City Clerk are part of the Legislative Branch and the appointment of the Clerk is made by City Council. Details about this Department are listed with other Executive Branch Departments for convenience and ease of navigation only.

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Municipal Court
The Municipal Court is a separate branch of government. The City Council is the Legislative Branch, the Mayor is the head of the Executive Branch and the Municipal Court is the Judicial Branch. For ease of access to the Public they are listed here ...

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