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Licensing & Inspection Department
The Licensing and Inspections Department shall perform all appropriate functions associated with: 1) Construction/building licenses, permits and inspections and related services, 2) Inspection and enforcement of all fire code regulations, 3) Inspection of and coordination of demolition services, 4) Property inspection and enforcement of City property maintenance code and related services, 5) Coordination and enforcement of VIP Loan Program and regulated services, 6) Supervision and coordination of landlord/tenant services, 7) Licensing and enforcement of mercantile code, 8) Inspections and enforcement of weights and measures statutory provisions.
Director Dale Finch
Phone: (609) 347-5290

Dale Finch was appointed Director of the Department of Licensing and Inspections on February 25, 2014. He has more than 40 years in government services including expertise in code enforcement, property maintenance Public Works. Dale was an auditor for the New Jersey Department of Treasury’s Local Go... Read More

Office of the Licensing & Inspection Director
The Department of Licensing & Inspections provides a broad range of duties in the public's interest that contribute to the health, safety and welfare of the residents, the business community, workers, our visitors and the public at large.

Code Enforcement
The Code Enforcement Division provides a variety of services that address conditions inside and outside of buildings throughout the city.

The Construction Division governs the building of new structures, as well as the alterations of, and additions to existing structures. The Construction Division or Building Division issues permits for such activities, and conducts inspections, and ultimately issues Certificates of Occupancy or Appr...

Landlord-Tenant Affairs
The Division of Landlord Tenant Affairs is responsible for oversight of rental unit with regards to the amounts or rent charged, and related federal, state and local regulations of rental prices. The Office of Landlord-Tenant Affairs is committed to the premise that everyone is entitled to live in s...

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Weights and Measures
The Division of Weights and Measures duties have been transferred to the Atlantic County Department of Administrative Services. For more information, contact Weights and Measures - James Dugan at 609-345-6700, Ext. 2470