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Administration Department
Under the direction and supervision of the Mayor, the Administration Department is responsible for: 1) Supervising each of the other departments 2) Assisting the Mayor in preparing the annual operating and capital budgets 3) Reporting periodically to the Mayor and Council on administration of the government, including notable efficient economies and savings 4) Studying the organization and operation of any and all departments and other spending agencies 5) Prescribing and requiring each department and other spending agency for which City appropriations are made to maintain records of their respective workload and performance, expressed in appropriate work units, which shall be reviewed for each of the departments and other spending agencies 6) Coordinate the operation and administration of the various departments, divisions and subdivisions, offices and agencies of the City government 7) Perform such other duties as the City Council may prescribe.
Business Administrator Jason Holt
Phone: (609) 347-5540

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Office of the Mayor
The Mayor is the leader of the executive branch or the Chief Executive of the City of Atlantic City. The Mayor is elected by the citizens to serve for a term of four (4) years. It is the job of the Mayor to enforce the City Charter. The Mayor appoints Department Heads, with the advice and consent of...

Office of the Business Administrator
The Business Administrator (BA) serves as the Department Head for the Department of Administration and oversees all other Executive Branch Departments. The BA is the liaison between the Executive and Legislative Branches.

Affirmative Action
The Affirmative Action Office is a division of the Administration- City Solicitor’s Office. Affirmative Action is responsible for overseeing the implementation and compliance of the City’s Affirmative Action Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity Program, receive and investigate allegations of h...

Management Information Systems
Also known as the Information Technology Division or the Data Processing Division, the Management Information Systems Division maintains and operates the City wide network which includes multiple servers, workstations, printers and supports multiple software applications.

Property Tax Assessor
The Tax Assessor’s office is responsible for the valuation of real property in Atlantic City. This includes but is not limited to processing property ownership transfers; lot consolidations and sub-divisions; inspecting building constructions, renovations and demolitions; and tax appeals.

The Prosecutor's Office is located on the second floor of the Public Safety Building. We prosecute disorderly and petty disorderly persons offenses (such as assault, minor drug offenses, theft, shoplifting, harassment, trespassing and truancy), motor vehicle traffic violations (including driving whi...

Public Defender
The Public Defender’s Office serves clients who are indigent and are accused of disorderly and petty disorderly offenses in Atlantic City. To qualify for a Public Defender, a defendant has to be assigned by a Municipal Court Judge and pay the required mandatory fee for our services. On average, the ...

The Mission of the Solicitor's Office is to provide professional, ethical, cost effective, aggressive, and competent legal support to meet the legal challenges facing the City of Atlantic City in order to protect and defend the City’s interests.With the exception of conflicts, overly com...