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Jesse O. Kurtz
6th Ward

Current Member of City Council
Elected Term Start Friday, January 01, 2016
Elected Term End Tuesday, December 31, 2019
Contact Information
Phone: (609) 957-0437

Jesse was born, raised, and is now raising a family as an Atlantic City homeowner. He is a husband to Cara and the father of six children.

Jesse is a technology professional, and has experience in the casino industry, the manufacturing sector, the tourism industry, and higher education. He has been involved with many Atlantic City organizations including Our Lady Star of the Sea Church, Chelsea Neighborhood Association, Atlantic City Housing Authority,LEAD AC Tomorrow, Chelsea Little League, Greater Atlantic City Jaycees, Good Council Homes, Liberty and Prosperity, Atlantic City Boys Choir, MBCA, and the Greater Atlantic City Public Relations Council.

Jesse is working hard to be a visible and responsive Councilman.  He has been and will continue to be an advocate for lower taxes, cleaner streets, and safer neighborhoods. These priorities will aid in the restoration of affordability, vibrancy, transparency, and economic vitality so needed by Atlantic City and its government.

Jesse is committed to fulfilling the promise of Atlantic City. He articulates a vision of Atlantic City that draws on its past as the "Queen of Resorts" and proposes ideas that will re-position Atlantic City as the premier destination resort on the East Coast and give more opportunities for city residents to prosper.

Jesse is Chairman of the Technology, Licensing & Inspections, Health &Human Services (combined) Committee; a member of both the Revenue & Finance and Planning and Development Committees

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