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Given the volume of information available, this page was designed to collect information and details regarding the 2012 SuperStorm Sandy event as well as recovery information.  Check back in the future as more information is likely to be added to this page as it becomes available.

General Guidelines for Dealing with Flood Damage Prevention Requirements

 The City Construction Division has prepared a document with the Atlantic City Code Section 132 attached which can be used a a guide to determine whether there was substantial damage to a property as a result of Sandy. 

Download the Guidelines for Flood Damage Prevention Requirements

Sandy Disaster Relief Grants for Historical Properties

Funding for rapairs to Fire Station #2 (Indiana & Baltic Avenue) and Fire Station #3 (Indiana & Grant Avenue) was provided by The National Park Service, Department of the Interior and by the Historic Preservation Office, Department of Environmental Protection.  The projects were administered by the New Jersey Historic Trust, Department of Community Affairs.

Download the Sign for these projects.

AC Selected for HUD $1 Billion Disaster Resilience Competition

The National Disaster Resilience Competition is designed to help communities that have been devastated by natural disasters build back stronger and better prepared for the future. This competition will help spur innovation, creatively distribute limited federal resources, and help communities across the country cope with the reality of severe weather that is being made worse by climate change.

There are 67 eligible applicants for the $1 billion National Disaster Resilience Competition and New Jersey is one of the eligible applicants. The State has selected the Chelsea Heights Neighborhood of Atlantic City as a potential applicant. Phase 1 application are due in mid-March and successful applicants in Phase 1 will be invited to participate in Phase 2 to design solutions for recovery and resilience. HUD expects to make final award announcement by the end of the year.

Download the full details about the HUD Competition

Waterfront Access and Revitalization Plan

The Edward J. Bloustein Fall 2014 Comprehensive Planning Studio is proud to present this waterfront revitalization plan, which puts forth a number of potential strategies for enhancing access to Atlantic City’s waterfront, and capitalizing on the City’s waterfront resources to spur economic and community development.

Drawing on an extensive study of historical conditions, current land use, zoning, and community needs, this plan provides strategies for enhancing the waterfront areas of Atlantic City in ways that spur economic development, improve the quality of life for residents, make the waterfront more appealing to visitors, and positively impact the perception of the City. This plan addresses the current conditions of the waterfront, develops overarching policies for improvement, and, for certain sites along the waterfront that offer good prospects for redevelopment, outlines the form that such redevelopment could take.

Download the full 87MB file Turning the Tide: ACWaterfront Access & Revitalization Plan

Neighborhood Solutions for a Post-Sandy Atlantic City

ABOUT THIS PROJECT - The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (NJDCA)’s Post Sandy Recovery Planning Grant Program began in 2012 and Atlantic City is in the forefront of municipalities and counties that have become involved in the program.  The grant program uses Federal disaster relief funding through USHUD earmarked for planning for recovery and resiliency from future storm eventsand is meant to provide a visioning for the City of Atlantic City in this rapidly changing environment and into the future.  

The City is reaching out in a number of designated areas of the City, seeking citizens input in the form of surveys, and holding Open House meetings on October 29, 2014 at designated locations, with City representatives and Planning Professionals from, Maser Consulting, and local firms, SOSH and Arthur Ponzio Associates.  The team will assist residents with the visioning process to help determine what type and scope of redevelopment people would like to see.  The five (5) designated areas of study are:

1.  North Inlet Redevelopment Plan  Gardner’s Basin and the Atlantic City Aquarium area, as it is intended to connect to the extension of the boardwalk in this area. The SURVEY for this area is also found on this page.

2.  Chelsea Heights Neighborhood Plan  Re-visioning for this southwestern portion of the city, in particular the areas affected by flooding and the stabilization of the edge areas.  The SURVEY for this area is also found on this page.

3.  Bader Field Redevelopmnet Plan  Re-imagining of this vacant 140 acre parcel. The SURVEY for this area is also found on this page.

4.  Back Bay Assessment and Mitigation Plan  Assessment of the conditions found in the Back Bay area, in particular the Sunset Road frontage, and ideas for planning and improvement.  Find out more information about this project area on this page.

5.  Master Plan Re-Examination A general re-examination of the existing City wide Master Plan and the drafting of portions to amend the plan to allow for redevelopment. Find out more information about this project area on this page.


The City hopes that everyone in Atlantic City will take the time to participate on the 29th, and provide their input, as the plans ultimate success is firmly rooted in the participation from the residents and community.  


Tell Your Storm Story!

Participate in the Sandy Survey!  This project is being conducted by the Monmouth University Polling Institute and is supported by the New Jersey Recovery Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey. The Fund is focused on bold, long-term solutions that promote economic vitality, healthy ecosystems, strong and engaged communities, government transparency and a fair distribution of recovery resources.  Download the Survey Flyer and share this with friends, neighbors, relatives and anyone else you know who has been impacted by the storm.

Link to NJ Department of Community Affairs Sandy Recovery Division

The City of Atlantic City and the Casino Redevelopment Authority (CRDA) Storm Damage Mitigation Project plan can be downloaded below.  Please be advised this graphic intensive PDF is over 40 MB in size and may take a long time to download on a slow connection.  If you wish to view the Executive Summary only, you may do so by searching the document library for "Storm Mitigation Plan"

Download the full 40MB Storm Damage Mitigation Project Plan 

Post Sandy Planning Grant RFP Documents

The CIty of Atlantic City Post Sandy Planning Grant RFP requires additional supporting documentation which is large in size.  To view just the RFP details, please go to the "RFP/RFQ" Quick Pick in the upper right column of this page.

Download the full 27 MB file SCR Phase 1 Report Context, Site, and Vulnerability Analaysis

Download the 2 MB file Chelsea Heights AC 205 IAR FID

Download the 2 MB file Massachusetts Ave 205 IAR FID

Download the 3 MB Sunset Ave 205 IAR FID